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• 7/7/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

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• 5/22/2018

Outer and Interstellar Space Wiki

We are currently looking for people who are interested in astronomy to help us grow our wiki, Outer and Interstellar Space Wiki. I was wondering if active contributors could come and help us build our wiki. We currently have 2 active contributors, (me and Positive Elixir Trade), but we don't want to do all the work. Just as long as a couple join, we will be satisfied. Thank you!
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• 8/10/2017

Nibiru Confirmed

Nibiru has been confirmed by NASA
What will you name it
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• 9/30/2015


My favorite star is the Capricorn because it really follows me for the rest of my life and somehow the sirens and Capricorn have literally share their common goal they're both swimmers.
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• 7/30/2015


Space. Yay! I love it
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• 5/30/2015

I have a wiki title image proposal incase one seems takes interest.

I am very interested in improving this wiki and hope to contribute in every way I can. I created the images and they are completely free.

A proposal for the title image Thought it was worth a shot, I guess I should've made it wider. I don't know if this wiki is dead or not.
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• 12/13/2012
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