Since the time that the Hubble Telescope has been stationed in orbit, it has been capturing images of galaxies and other objects in space and sending back pictures to earth which simply take one’s breath away. The Hubble telescope was primarily put into space to take superior quality pictures, because of which the telescope was equipped with the best and highest quality cameras possible. When it was launched in 1986, it produced astounding results.

The best astronomers have marveled at the sheer quality of the pictures taken by the Hubble telescope. Hubble has reached milestones that were thought impossible for any telescope during the development of telescope through history. Even twenty years after the telescope has been functional, every new photograph sent back to earth creates waves of unparalleled excitement that has the entire astronomy fraternity up and about, celebrating the moment.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, the main camera of the telescope was in a dysfunctional state. To have it functioning again, a human space mission will have to be launch so that the telescope can be repaired and required maintenance work can be carried out on it. Subsequent to this mission, the telescope will be completely operational and will continue sending pictures like before. There are also plans in the making that propose to recall the Hubble Space Telescope and place the James Webb version in its place.

The Hubble, which has been the cynosure of all astronomically inclined eyes, is in a league of its own and nothing can retract anything from its brilliant history. Having given the world such breathtaking images of space, it has been a handy tool in the discoveries of several new galaxies as well as in ongoing research. The telescope has graced the earth since 1946 and has been a source of a wealth of information since the day of its creation. The extraordinary instrument allowed astronomers and researchers to take knowledge leaps never thought possible.

The Hubble telescope is nothing short of a miracle in the study of astronomy. It has achieved remarkable success in the field and though scientific in nature, its achievements have benefited even schools. In classrooms, you may find several images that were shot with the Hubble, and the clarity of these images makes it possible for a teacher to teach student far more easily than without any pictures at all. If you ever happen to view any of the images captured by this instrument, you too will marvel at the power it encompasses and the limitless expanse that lies beyond our horizons.

The Hubble project was undertaken by NASA so that there was a means for pictures of outer space to be sent back to earth. In the years that have passed since the launch of the telescope, cameras themselves have undergone several makeovers to become the powerful imaging devices that we know today. It was keeping in mind the changes in camera technology that prompted the makers of Hubble to delay fitting the camera till the last possible moment, as cameras would only improve and be better by that time.

The popularity of the Hubble is well justified, as can be seen from the fact that even today, twenty years after its launch, it still has virtually no competition.

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