List of Universes to Smallest to largest. ly=light year 1 ly=10 billion km.

Observable Universe (93 Billion ly)

Universe (138 Billion ly)

Multiverse (354 Billion ly)

Metaverse (1 Trillion ly)

Xenoverse (3.8 Trillion ly)

Hyperverse (22.52 Trillion ly)

Megaverse (94 Quintillion ly)

Hectoverse (100 Septendecillion ly)

Kiloverse (1000 Octodecillion ly)

Gigaverse (940 Vigintillion ly)

Teraverse (9.4 Unvigintillion ly)

Petaverse (100 Duovigintillion ly)

Exaverse (100 Tresvigintillion ly)

Zettaverse (100 Quattuorvigintillion ly)

Yottaverse (1 Googol ly)

Omniverse (Size of Transfinite)

List by MinecraftROBLOXTop

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