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This is a list of solar system's planetary bodies orbiting the Sun by planetary discriminant, in decreasing order, where the planetary discriminant μ is a term introduced by Steven Soter as the ratio between the mass of the body and the total mass of the other non-resonating and non-satellite bodies in the same orbital zone, in the sense of Soter. Also listed is the Stern-Levinson parameter Λ, the square of the mass over the orbital period, normalized to the Earth values(Λ/ΛE). The planetary discriminant is related to the question of defining what a planet is.

Rank Name Image Stern-Levinson parameter Λ/ΛE; Planetary discriminant μ Mass (kg) Type of object
1 Earth
1.00 1.7×106 (5.9736×1024 kg) 3rd planet
2 Venus
1.08 1.35×106 (4.8685×1024 kg) 2nd planet
3 Jupiter
8510 6.25×105 (1.899×1027 kg) 5th planet
4 Saturn
308 1.9×105 (5.6846×1026 kg) 6th planet
5 Mars
0.0061 1.8×105 (6.4185×1023 kg) 4th planet
6 Mercury
0.0126 9.1×104 (3.302×1023 kg) 1st planet
7 Uranus
2.51 2.9×104 (8.6832×1025 kg) 7th planet
8 Neptune
1.79 2.4×104 (1.0243×1026 kg) 8th planet
9 Ceres
Ceres Hubble sing
8.7×10−9 0.33 9.5×1020 kg 1st dwarf planet
10 Eris
3.5×10−8 0.10 (1.5×1022 kg)[1] 3rd dwarf planet
11 Pluto
1.95×10−8 0.077 (1.29×1022 ± 10% kg) 2nd dwarf planet

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  1. Very rough estimate based on a diameter of 2400 km and composition similar to that of Pluto.
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